Initiatives based on drilling down into the issue, pulling out specific topics, and educating more deeply on these points. In order to educate kids to the best of our abilities, we need to educate ourselves. We need to educate each other. Through doing these things, we can educate the process.


  • Encourage parents and teachers to invite their kids along for parent/teacher conferences. This will empower kids to take ownership of their own path to success and give them a voice in the process. This new parent/teacher/student conference also creates a touchpoint that includes all relevant parties which can be a launchpad for executing other initiatives.
  • Rather than supplying kids with the tools to play games that already exist (kickballs, soccer goals, etc.), give them the raw materials to create their own games. Then document what they do- the products of these play sessions (both what the kids make and the documentation) can be used to support the initiative.





  • SMS campaign to talk about this issue over time- send information to parents and teachers via text message.
  • Geofence areas around schools and alert parents with news about what's going on at their kids' school when they're nearby or in the building.

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