LET'S GO is a launching platform to motivate kids, parents, and teachers to think of success in a whole new way because success isn't just about academics. Success is about supporting the child, not just the student. It's a social movement- it's not just a collection of tactics.



Awareness-based initiatives aiming to close the gap between how success is measured by schools today and what success truly is.


Initiatives based on drilling down into the issue, pulling out specific topics, and educating more deeply on these points. In order to educate kids to the best of our abilities, we need to educate ourselves. We need to educate each other. Through doing these things, we can educate the process.


Initiatives which aim to create the tools and structures to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, administrators, kids, researchers, and other groups necessary to creating and perpetuating the LET'S GO social movement.


Development of processes to evaluate tactics (both in-place and proposed), determine their success or lack thereof, and evaluate components to be streamlined or enhanced versus those which should be removed.


Once the movement has begun, it's imperative that we give advocates a way to involve those around them, growing the network and movement.


When critical mass is reached, how do we actually effect the system?

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