Awareness-based initiatives aiming to close the gap between how success is measured by schools today and what success truly is.


  • I'm Actually Awesome registry: kids come for the materials they need to show their parents all the ways in which they're awesome that don't fit in with the school system's current definition of success.
  • Create a web resource where kids can enter their interests and receive a video to show their parents which highlights their creative strong points, informs the parents on how to foster their child's creativity, connects their creative life to their school life and suggests synergies between the two.
  • Incite children to create something for their parents that draws attention to the neglected and unappreciated creative potential of our youth.
  • Spread awareness among children, and the parents will follow. If we can find a way to strongly interest children in cultivating their creativity, it will only be a matter of time before their parents take note.



  • Films like Race to Nowhere and Waiting for "Superman"' start conversations which galvanize communities and individuals, but their effect is limited by the amount of people who can easily see it- realities commercial, legal (copyright), and otherwise can lessen their impact. An awareness film with a similar message released with Copyleft licensing could be made available for free to a much larger audience, enabling community groups to host their own screenings and parents to view the film with their own family for free.
  • Release a Public Service Announcement targeting parents with the message that, while they're fixated on their refrigerator door and the graded tests attached to it, their kid is creatively engaged playing with the refrigerator box behind them- paying exclusive attention to one component of their kid's development is causing them to miss something great.
  • Run PSAs promoting awareness of the movement in movie theaters prior to family films.


  • An attention-getting campaign where the parents are - for example, chalking outside of a school to inpsire interest and direct traffic to an awareness-generating website with a clear outline of the problem.


  • Create an approachable web resource outlining the steps between awareness and action, with a corresponding online community to help foster a social movement through connecting interested parties.
  • A series of short videos (in the same vein as the It Gets Better Project) from adults (not necessarily celebrities but, as the movement gains traction and reach, their organic participation would be welcomed) whose paths to success were not aligned with our current school system's definition of success. These videos would speak to parents (your kid will be happy/successful/well-adjusted even if they follow a different path than is dictated by our broken metric) and kids (it's not that you can't succeed- it's that our definition of success is wrongheaded) to reinforce our message and fortify our movement.
  • Create a microsite to host various awareness pieces such as those outlined above from various resources and creators.

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