Initiatives which aim to create the tools and structures to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, administrators, kids, researchers, and other groups necessary to creating and perpetuating the LET'S GO social movement.


  • Annual exhibit in every active community that allows parents to showcase their kid's right-brained projects. Gallery opening will serve as an oppotunity for parents to educate members of the community that attend the event.
  • Report Cards for parents, to be given simultaneously with the kid's report card from school. This is not a tool to tell parents that they're doing something wrong- its utility is creating a two-way conversation around progress and success. This could be tied in with the new construct of parent/teacher/student conferences, wherein all stakeholders participate and take ownership of the education process.




  • Provide parents with "My kid is a(n) ______" bumper stickers that allow the parent to fill in the blank. Puts a spin on the traditional "My kid is an honor student" bumper sticker to challenge the status quo.


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